My name is Guillaume Seyller, I am a visual artist and freelance worker in the fields of 3D and digital image.

I work with public body, recording studios, plastic artist or architecture offices, and take part in many productions by offering a global knowledge of digital sculpture, animation and rendering techniques.

I am involved in several high schools to help students develop their autonomy in the field of digital images.


For her video piece Extreme Life, the visual artist Cindy Coutant entrusted me with the responsibility of looking for the tardigrade which was camouflaged in the eyes of the scanning electron microscope. Meticulous work carried out in record time allowed us to find his trace among the magnificent images of the SEM and to witness his awakening in full color 🌈🪨💧.

Extreme Life is a video piece by Cindy Coutant presented as part of the Temps de Mars exhibition organized at the Chaux-de-Fonds Museum of Fine Arts and curated by Jill Gasparina.

Music “Life Unseen” by Ariel.


In 2023, Rémi Sagot-Duvauroux invited me to intervene for a visual facelift of a VR experience based on the famous scene from Hitchcock's film North by Northwest. Rémi is an editor for animated cinema and a researcher at EnsadLab. He works on editing issues in virtual reality, and creates scripts allowing the assembly and rhythm of VR scenes to be adjusted according to different parameters such as the user's movement speed, eye blinking, gaze orientation and many others 👀🦵🥽.
This VR experience was broadcast in several festivals including Recto VRso in Laval and the Fournos Theater in Athens.

Photos: Ariadne Fytopoulou


Jaunt is a video project carried out with the ceramic artist Julia Huteau.
A 12 cm high porcelain sculpture changes material and finds itself projected, gigantic and attentive, into the middle of a quarry in the Drôme region. Its smooth and translucent surface contrasts with the ocher stone that surrounds it, while a slow breathing seems to animate it.
The video is a slow back and forth tracking shot lasting 4 minutes towards the sculpture.
This piece was created as part of the Vrouge exhibition by Julia Huteau at the Tator gallery in Lyon, January 2023.


Inter Duas Aquas is a 2min18 video representing a character who appears stuck in a small pocket of water between two waterfalls. A song accompanies the video, a lullaby tinged with nostalgia or lament, sung by a digital being, a traveler who finds himself stuck between several dimensions. Recalling the figure of the mast, a wanderer surveying different planes of the universe, this character incapable of moving forward seems as fragile as he is reckless. This video was published on the website of the Cactus Digital magazine and was accompanied by the printing of a double poster published in the Cactus magazine in spring 2022.
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