In February 2020, I came into contact with the architecture agency TVK for the realization of an 8x4m model representing a set of continents with a level of detail close to mm. Integrating their office for a period of one month , we worked just in time to complete the project before the 2020 Venice Architecture Biennale, where it was to be exhibited. It was finally in 2021, in a calmer sanitary context, that the model was presented to the French pavilion.

Team TVK: Armelle Le Mouëllic, David Malaud, Sarah Sauton, Océane Ragoucy (project manager), Antoine Bertaudière, Carole Chevalier, Victor Francisco, Michele Franzoi, Amaury Haumont, Pauline Le Fur, Michael Loconte, Clément Masurier, Fanny Maurel, Mathieu Mercuriali, Gianluca Mezzanotte, Stela Moceanu, Jihana Nassif, Maider Papandinas, Jil Philippot, Raphaël Videcoq, Antoine Viney
3D model: Arnaud Prat, Guillaume Seyller
Fabrication: The Consortium Team
Photographs: Laurian Ghinitoiu and Julien Hourcade

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